At the Center for Open Science, our mission is to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scholarly research. Promoting these practices within the research funding and publishing communities accelerates scientific progress. Join us!

What We Work On

Research Tools and Infrastructure

COS has developed a variety of software tools and workflows based on our free Open Science Framework to help researchers manage and archive their research, privately or publicly. Take a tour to learn more.


COS helps connect and build open science communities of researchers, their affiliated institutions, their funders, and the publishers of research outcomes. Check out COS Communities to learn more.


COS supports and conducts research on scientific practices. Our team members are thought leaders on open science best practices and our tools serve as platforms to demonstrate reproducible research methods. See some examples.

Who We Work With

Research Institutions

COS can provide tools and training to institutions that enhance transparency, foster collaboration, and increase the visibility of research at the institutional level. Learn how to get your institution connected.

Researchers & Scientists

COS maintains free, easy-to-adopt tools, services, and communities for scientists who wish to develop research practices that make their work more accessible and reproducible. Explore simple steps toward open science.

Publishers & Societies

COS maintains a variety of integrated, powerful tools and services for journals, societies, and funders to minimize complexity and encourage openness and preregistration. Read more about how COS can assist you.

Software Developers

COS builds open source web apps, connects via API with other services, and actively supports open projects. Find out how you can contribute.

Stay in Touch!

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