APA Journals Program Collaborates with Center for Open Science to Advance Open Science Practices in Psychological Research

Aug. 1, 2017

WASHINGTON — The American Psychological Association, the nonprofit publisher of 90 psychology journals, has entered a partnership with the Center for Open Science to offer open science badges to authors, create an APA data repository to ease sharing and designate a preferred preprint server for APA journal articles.

“APA has always focused on providing the leading outlets for psychological research results,” said APA Executive Publisher Jasper Simons. “The psychological science community is looking to us to provide additional options for communicating research efforts. Partnering with the Center for Open Science will help us do that as we expand our offerings with preprint services and a data repository.”

APA’s journals program also supports open science badges, offered to authors who choose to share their data or materials or pre-register studies in an effort to promote transparency in scientific research. Three APA-published journals have begun awarding the badges, and more are expected to follow, according to APA Journals Publisher Rose Sokol-Chang, PhD.

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