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Researchers in any field can become COS Ambassadors. Sign up to receive information and materials to help you advocate for our open science. United, we can increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility across scientific domains. Learn more or contact us to become an ambassador.

What Ambassadors Do

  • Act as local information resource about COS, the OSF, transparency, and reproducible practices
  • Represent COS at conferences and meetings
  • Grow the open science community through collaboration and information sharing
  • Blog experiences and join in the online conversation about open science
  • Help provide training on the OSF and reproducible practices
  • Model COS swag!

Our Ambassadors

  • Balazs Aczel
    Balazs Aczel
  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams
  • Prue Adler
    Prue Adler
  • Ayan Ahmed
    Ayan Ahmed
  • Olalekan Joseph Akintande
    Olalekan Joseph Akintande
  • Moh Noor Al-Azam
    Moh Noor Al-Azam
  • Riyan Al Islam Reshad
    Riyan Al Islam Reshad
  • Aurelien Allard
    Aurelien Allard
  • Anne Allison
    Anne Allison
  • Nicholas Alvar Coles
    Nicholas Alvar Coles
  • Michael Andreychik
    Michael Andreychik
  • Jack Arnal
    Jack Arnal
  • Ruben Arslan
    Ruben Arslan
  • MennattAllah H. Attia
    MennattAllah H. Attia
  • Patricia Ayala
    Patricia Ayala
  • Flavio Azevedo
    Flavio Azevedo
  • Cristina Baciu
    Cristina Baciu
  • Matthew Bagg
    Matthew Bagg
  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball
  • George Banks
    George Banks
  • Erica Baranski
    Erica Baranski
  • Tyson S. Barrett
    Tyson S. Barrett
  • Jennifer Beamer
    Jennifer Beamer
  • Isaac Bean
    Isaac Bean
  • Vincent Beermann
    Vincent Beermann
  • Devin Berg
    Devin Berg
  • Christina Bergmann
    Christina Bergmann
  • Margaret Berta
    Margaret Berta
  • Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek
    Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek
  • Grace Binion
    Grace Binion
  • Reid Boehm
    Reid Boehm
  • Sander Bosch
    Sander Bosch
  • Daina Bouquin
    Daina Bouquin
  • Daniel E. Bradford
    Daniel E. Bradford
  • Rachel Breslin
    Rachel Breslin
  • Amelie Bret
    Amelie Bret
  • Jantine Broek
    Jantine Broek
  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown
  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown
  • Briana Brownell
    Briana Brownell
  • Brett Buttliere
    Brett Buttliere
  • Cunera Buys
    Cunera Buys
  • Cameron Callaghan
    Cameron Callaghan
  • Eleni Castro
    Eleni Castro
  • Jennifer Chan
    Jennifer Chan
  • Chris Chartier
    Chris Chartier
  • Sau-Chin Chen
    Sau-Chin Chen
  • Samuel Chen
    Samuel Chen
  • Sharon Chen
    Sharon Chen
  • Pierina Cheung
    Pierina Cheung
  • Jason Chin
    Jason Chin
  • Beatriz Chongo
    Beatriz Chongo
  • Malek Chouchi
    Malek Chouchi
  • Preyan Choudhuri
    Preyan Choudhuri
  • Garret Christensen
    Garret Christensen
  • Lewis Chuang
    Lewis Chuang
  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark
  • Kelly Cobey
    Kelly Cobey
  • Fernando Colugnati
    Fernando Colugnati
  • Simon Columbus
    Simon Columbus
  • Karmen Condic-Jurik
    Karmen Condic-Jurik
  • Nicole Contaxis
    Nicole Contaxis
  • Bryan Cook
    Bryan Cook
  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook
  • Alexander Coots
    Alexander Coots
  • Jonathan Corbin
    Jonathan Corbin
  • Katie Corker
    Katie Corker
  • Zander Crook
    Zander Crook
  • Sophia Crüwell
    Sophia Crüwell
  • Amin Daneshmand Malayeri
    Amin Daneshmand Malayeri
  • Henrik Danielsson
    Henrik Danielsson
  • Andrew Demetriou
    Andrew Demetriou
  • Tim Dennis
    Tim Dennis
  • Christopher Devers
    Christopher Devers
  • Nodumo Dhlamini
    Nodumo Dhlamini
  • Daniel Dunleavy
    Daniel Dunleavy
  • Natália B. Dutra
    Natália B. Dutra
  • Anita Eerland
    Anita Eerland
  • Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
    Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
  • Michael Espero
    Michael Espero
  • Andrey Fedorov
    Andrey Fedorov
  • Fiona Fidler
    Fiona Fidler
  • Susann Fiedler
    Susann Fiedler
  • Jamie Field
    Jamie Field
  • Wojciech Francuzik
    Wojciech Francuzik
  • Clifton Franklund
    Clifton Franklund
  • Hannah Fraser
    Hannah Fraser
  • Jessica Gallinger
    Jessica Gallinger
  • Hunter Gehlbach
    Hunter Gehlbach
  • Tanja Gerlach
    Tanja Gerlach
  • Mona Ghannad
    Mona Ghannad
  • Jenny Gilbert
    Jenny Gilbert
  • Bill Gillis
    Bill Gillis
  • Bill Glick
    Bill Glick
  • Julie Goldman
    Julie Goldman
  • Bryan Gorges
    Bryan Gorges
  • Jon Grahe
    Jon Grahe
  • Sean Grant
    Sean Grant
  • Paul Griffiths
    Paul Griffiths
  • Ivo Grigorov
    Ivo Grigorov
  • Samuel Guay
    Samuel Guay
  • Joshua Guilfoyle
    Joshua Guilfoyle
  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall
  • Tom Hardwicke
    Tom Hardwicke
  • Matthew Harp
    Matthew Harp
  • Kyle Harp-Rushing
    Kyle Harp-Rushing
  • Ricardo Hartley
    Ricardo Hartley
  • Helen Harton
    Helen Harton
  • Mohammed Galib Hasan
    Mohammed Galib Hasan
  • Rob Heirene
    Rob Heirene
  • Yseult Hejja-Brichard
    Yseult Hejja-Brichard
  • Emma Henderson
    Emma Henderson
  • Arianne Herrera-Bennett
    Arianne Herrera-Bennett
  • Tobias Heycke
    Tobias Heycke
  • Adrian Ho
    Adrian Ho
  • Alicia Hofelich Mohr
    Alicia Hofelich Mohr
  • Tom Hohenstein
    Tom Hohenstein
  • Kai Horstmann
    Kai Horstmann
  • Ti Hsu
    Ti Hsu
  • Chuan-Peng Hu
    Chuan-Peng Hu
  • Malika Ihle
    Malika Ihle
  • Hans IJzerman
    Hans IJzerman
  • Dasapta Erwin Irawan
    Dasapta Erwin Irawan
  • James Ivory
    James Ivory
  • Nicole Janz
    Nicole Janz
  • Ricky Jeffrey
    Ricky Jeffrey
  • Rajiv Jhangiani
    Rajiv Jhangiani
  • William Jiménez-Leal
    William Jiménez-Leal
  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson
  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson
  • Renaine Julian
    Renaine Julian
  • Clint D. Kelly
    Clint D. Kelly
  • Muhammad Imran Khan
    Muhammad Imran Khan
  • Mallory Kidwell
    Mallory Kidwell
  • Kelvin Kihindas
    Kelvin Kihindas
  • Robyn Kilshaw
    Robyn Kilshaw
  • Chan Tzu Kit
    Chan Tzu Kit
  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein
  • David Klinowski
    David Klinowski
  • Halil Emre Kocalar
    Halil Emre Kocalar
  • Xiangzhen Kong
    Xiangzhen Kong
  • Amy Koshoffer
    Amy Koshoffer
  • Elliott Kruse
    Elliott Kruse
  • Iryna Kuchma
    Iryna Kuchma
  • Louisa Kulke
    Louisa Kulke
  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar
  • Eric Kunto Aribowo
    Eric Kunto Aribowo
  • Judith Lacoste
    Judith Lacoste
  • Sophia Lafferty-Hess
    Sophia Lafferty-Hess
  • Sherry Lake
    Sherry Lake
  • Margaret Lam
    Margaret Lam
  • Mark Laufersweiler
    Mark Laufersweiler
  • Joel Le Forestier
    Joel Le Forestier
  • Richie Lenne
    Richie Lenne
  • Mathew Ling
    Mathew Ling
  • Kelly Lloyd
    Kelly Lloyd
  • Chris Lortie
    Chris Lortie
  • John Lurquin
    John Lurquin
  • Caio Malaquias
    Caio Malaquias
  • Kat Markowska
    Kat Markowska
  • Brianna Marshall
    Brianna Marshall
  • Rachel Martinez
    Rachel Martinez
  • Maurits Masselink
    Maurits Masselink
  • Maya Mathur
    Maya Mathur
  • Andrew Maurer
    Andrew Maurer
  • Rahul Maurya
    Rahul Maurya
  • Melissa McAdam Ellison
    Melissa McAdam Ellison
  • Erin McKiernan
    Erin McKiernan
  • Jon McPhetres
    Jon McPhetres
  • Norm Medeiros
    Norm Medeiros
  • Erica Mehan Johns
    Erica Mehan Johns
  • Asif Mehedi
    Asif Mehedi
  • Pankaj Mehrotra
    Pankaj Mehrotra
  • Solomon Mekonnen
    Solomon Mekonnen
  • Beyza Melis Hazır
    Beyza Melis Hazır
  • Tisha Mentnech
    Tisha Mentnech
  • Natalie Meyers
    Natalie Meyers
  • Laura Michaelson
    Laura Michaelson
  • David Minor
    David Minor
  • David Moher
    David Moher
    The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | Canada
  • Nolan Monaghan
    Nolan Monaghan
  • Andrés Montealegre
    Andrés Montealegre
  • James Montilla Doble
    James Montilla Doble
  • Jenny Muilenburg
    Jenny Muilenburg
  • Corrado Nai
    Corrado Nai
  • Shinichi Nakagawa
    Shinichi Nakagawa
  • Ladislas Nalborczyk
    Ladislas Nalborczyk
  • Philip N. Cohen
    Philip N. Cohen
  • Jesse Niebaum
    Jesse Niebaum
  • Gustav Nilsonne
    Gustav Nilsonne
  • Abby Nissenbaum
    Abby Nissenbaum
  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble
  • Rose O'Dea
    Rose O'Dea
  • Andi Ogier
    Andi Ogier
  • Kizito Omala
    Kizito Omala
  • Reid Otsuji
    Reid Otsuji
  • Elizabeth Page-Gould
    Elizabeth Page-Gould
  • Astadi Pangarso
    Astadi Pangarso
  • Ginny Pannabecker
    Ginny Pannabecker
  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker
  • Sam Parsons
    Sam Parsons
  • Adam Partridge
    Adam Partridge
  • Shaharima Parvin
    Shaharima Parvin
  • Gustavo Paterno
    Gustavo Paterno
  • Ricky Patterson
    Ricky Patterson
  • Cyril Pernet
    Cyril Pernet
  • Jonathan Petters
    Jonathan Petters
  • Jeremiah Pietersen
    Jeremiah Pietersen
  • Ilse Pit
    Ilse Pit
  • Jason Pither
    Jason Pither
  • Simon Podhajsky
    Simon Podhajsky
  • Megan Potterbusch
    Megan Potterbusch
  • Andrea Povelato
    Andrea Povelato
  • John Rauthmann
    John Rauthmann
  • Georgia Richards
    Georgia Richards
  • Sean Rife
    Sean Rife
  • Fernando Rios
    Fernando Rios
  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson
  • Dominique Roche
    Dominique Roche
  • Jan Röer
    Jan Röer
  • Etienne Roesch
    Etienne Roesch
  • Judy Ruttenberg
    Judy Ruttenberg
  • John Sakaluk
    John Sakaluk
  • Nasser Saleh
    Nasser Saleh
  • Alireza Salehi-Nejad
    Alireza Salehi-Nejad
  • Sebastian Sauer
    Sebastian Sauer
  • Anne Scheel
    Anne Scheel
  • Thomas Scherndl
    Thomas Scherndl
  • Xenia Schmalz
    Xenia Schmalz
  • Juliane Schneider
    Juliane Schneider
  • Felix Schönbrodt
    Felix Schönbrodt
  • Matt Schultz
    Matt Schultz
  • Jakob Seidlitz
    Jakob Seidlitz
  • Kerry Sewell
    Kerry Sewell
  • Kelsey Shaffer
    Kelsey Shaffer
  • Stacy Shaw
    Stacy Shaw
  • Grace Shearrer
    Grace Shearrer
  • Yasmeen Shorish
    Yasmeen Shorish
  • Scott Sievert
    Scott Sievert
  • Jeremy Simon
    Jeremy Simon
  • J. Mario Siqueiros-García
    J. Mario Siqueiros-García
  • Miroslav Sirota
    Miroslav Sirota
  • Stephen Skalicky
    Stephen Skalicky
  • Jim Sly
    Jim Sly
  • Cooper Smout
    Cooper Smout
  • Hannah Sommers
    Hannah Sommers
  • Fatih Sönmez
    Fatih Sönmez
  • Graham Steel
    Graham Steel
  • Vicky Steeves
    Vicky Steeves
  • Crystal Steltenpohl
    Crystal Steltenpohl
  • David Stoker
    David Stoker
  • Jessie Sun
    Jessie Sun
  • Tiziano Suran
    Tiziano Suran
  • Dan Tamul
    Dan Tamul
  • Dan Tamul
    Dan Tamul
  • Jon Tennant
    Jon Tennant
  • Karen Tonsfeldt
    Karen Tonsfeldt
  • Burak Tunca
    Burak Tunca
  • Jayne Tusiime
    Jayne Tusiime
  • Jan Urban
    Jan Urban
  • Marcel Van Assen
    Marcel Van Assen
  • Olmo van den Akker
    Olmo van den Akker
  • Pieter Van Dessel
    Pieter Van Dessel
  • Steven Van Tuyl
    Steven Van Tuyl
  • Elisabeth Julie Vargo
    Elisabeth Julie Vargo
  • Julie Vecchio
    Julie Vecchio
  • Mathew Vis-Dunbar
    Mathew Vis-Dunbar
  • Jordan Wagge
    Jordan Wagge
  • Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
    Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
  • Kaitlyn Werner
    Kaitlyn Werner
  • Hope White
    Hope White
  • Brandon Whitehead
    Brandon Whitehead
  • Brady Wiggins
    Brady Wiggins
  • Stacy Winchester
    Stacy Winchester
  • Aaron Wolen
    Aaron Wolen
  • Kara Woo
    Kara Woo
  • Margarita Zachariou
    Margarita Zachariou
  • Mahmood Zargar
    Mahmood Zargar
  • Stephanie Zawada
    Stephanie Zawada
  • Shirley Zhao
    Shirley Zhao
  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman
  • Rolf Zwaan
    Rolf Zwaan

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