Benefactors for the Center for Open Science

A special thank you to our inaugural group of Benefactors for the Center for Open Science whose collective gifts will be used to match annual donations received in fall 2019.

If you would like to make a positive impact on the open science community, please consider a contribution today and take advantage of this generous match.  

Anonymous (2)

Dorothy Bishop (University of Oxford)

Annette Brown (FHI 360)

Pamela Davis-Kean (University of Michigan)

Elizabeth Dunn (University of British Columbia)

Morton Ann Gernsbacher (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Jesse Graham (University of Utah)

Jonathan Haidt (NYU)

Richard Lucas (Michigan State)

Russ Poldrack (Stanford)

Roddy Roediger and Kathleen McDermott (Washington University)

Robert Rosenthal (University of California, Riverside)

Laurie Santos (Yale)

Bobbie Spellman (University of Virginia)

Bethany Teachman (University of Virginia) and Brian Nosek (University of Virginia and COS)

Josh Tenenbaum (MIT)

Jay Van Bavel (NYU)

Simine Vazire (University of California, Davis)

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