Public goods infrastructure should be free to use,
but it's not free to build.

At the Center for Open Science, we envision a future in which the ideas, processes, and outcomes of research are supported, accurate, and openly accessible by default. In this future, the costs of inquiry are lowered, research is accelerated, and access to outcomes supports the public good.

We are committed to providing the tools and training to encourage and support the open science community. We want help to make research investment go farther, produce results faster, and solve problems more efficiently--all free of charge. But it takes, time, people and funding to maintain this infrastructure, and we need your help to make this future a reality.

COS is a public charity as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN #46-1496217. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Help us keep science open and make a donation today. 

The Center for Open Science spends nearly $500,000 a month, much of which is directed to our talented team who delivers, manages, and maintains the free open science products and services you love. Sustaining this level of activity through ongoing support from many sources makes achieving the mission possible. Thanks to the faithful and consistent support of our donors, you can rely on the Center for Open Science to develop and maintain our free products and services. 

Curious about other ways to make a gift in support of COS?

Make a Gift via the Mail - Via Check

Please complete this form, and send it along with your contribution to: 

The Center for Open Science
210 Ridge McIntire Road, Suite, 500
Charlottesville VA, 22903-5083

Make an Automatic Monthly Gift - Via Bill Pay

COS prefers this option for automatic monthly giving, since it provides COS with 100% of the donation. After logging in to your online banking account, you can specify an organization as the recipient of a payment on a recurring schedule. The bank then automatically sends your payment to COS on each specified date. 

If you would like to use this option, please use the following information:

Biller, payee, or company:
Center for Open Science
210 Ridge McIntire Road, Suite 500
Charlottesville, VA 22903-5083
Phone: (434) 987-9807

Account Number: 
“General Fund”

Matching Gifts

Some employers match the charitable contributions of their employees, this can double or even triple the power of your contribution to COS. To find out if your company or your spouse’s company matches gifts, contact your company’s human resources department.

If you would like to make support COS using assets or mechanisms outside those mentioned above or and have questions please contact Melanie Benjamin, Donor and Funder Relations Lead via email  at or call (434) 987-9807.