Help Us Grow the Open Science Community

If you are interested in promoting COS or open science within your research community, we'd love to work with you. COS has a variety of tools for scientists, research institutions, journals, societies, and developers to spread the word.

What Ambassadors Do

  • Act as local information resource about COS, the OSF, transparency, and reproducible practices
  • Represent COS at conferences and meetings
  • Grow the open science community through collaboration and information sharing
  • Blog experiences and join in the online conversation about open science
  • Help provide training on the OSF and reproducible practices
  • Model COS swag!

Our Current Ambassadors

  • Adel Abdallah
    Adel Abdallah
    Utah State University
  • Olalekan Joseph Akintande
    Olalekan Joseph Akintande
    University of Ibadan
  • Anne Allison
    Anne Allison
    Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • Cristina Baciu
    Cristina Baciu
    Arizona State University
  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball
    Haverford College
  • George Banks
    George Banks
    UNC Charlotte
  • Rafael Batista
    Rafael Batista
    Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
  • Grace Binion
    Grace Binion
    University of Oregon
  • Reid Boehm
    Reid Boehm
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown
    Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Cameron Callaghan
    Cameron Callaghan
    Tulane School of Medicine
  • Eleni Castro
    Eleni Castro
    Harvard University
  • Beatriz Chongo
    Beatriz Chongo
    Eduardo Mondlane University
  • Garret Christensen
    Garret Christensen
    UC Berkeley Center for Effective Global Action
  • Kelly Cobey
    Kelly Cobey
    The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Nicole Contaxis
    Nicole Contaxis
  • Katie Corker
    Katie Corker
    Kenyon College
  • Berna Devezer
    Berna Devezer
    University of Idaho
  • Nodumo Dhlamini
    Nodumo Dhlamini
    Association of African Universities
  • Anita Eerland
    Anita Eerland
  • Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
    Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
    University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Andrey Fedorov
    Andrey Fedorov
    Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Susann Fiedler
    Susann Fiedler
    MPI Collective Goods Institute
  • Jamie Field
    Jamie Field
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Wojciech Francuzik
    Wojciech Francuzik
    Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Clifton Franklund
    Clifton Franklund
    Ferris State University
  • Jon Grahe
    Jon Grahe
    Pacific Lutheran University
  • Joshua Guilfoyle
    Joshua Guilfoyle
    York University
  • Tom Hardwicke
    Tom Hardwicke
    University College London
  • Kyle Harp-Rushing
    Kyle Harp-Rushing
    University of California, Riverside
  • Chris Hartgerink
    Chris Hartgerink
    Tilburg University
  • Chuan-Peng Hu
    Chuan-Peng Hu
    Tsinghua University
  • Hans IJzerman
    Hans IJzerman
    VU University Amsterdam
  • Dasapta Erwin Irawan
    Dasapta Erwin Irawan
    Bandung Institute of Technology
  • James Ivory
    James Ivory
    Virginia Tech
  • Nicole Janz
    Nicole Janz
    University of Cambridge
  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson
    University of Notre Dame
  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein
    University of Florida
  • Iryna Kuchma
    Iryna Kuchma
  • Sherry Lake
    Sherry Lake
    University of Virginia
  • Daniel Lakens
    Daniel Lakens
    Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Cody Leisegang
    Cody Leisegang
    University of Cape Town
  • Richie Lenne
    Richie Lenne
    University of Minnesota
  • Chris Lortie
    Chris Lortie
    National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  • John Lurquin
    John Lurquin
    University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Brianna Marshall
    Brianna Marshall
    University of Wisconsin
  • Maya Mathur
    Maya Mathur
    Stanford University, Harvard University
  • Melissa McAdam Ellison
    Melissa McAdam Ellison
    Center for Naval Analyses
  • Erin McKiernan
    Erin McKiernan
    National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Norm Medeiros
    Norm Medeiros
    Haverford College
  • Natalie Meyers
    Natalie Meyers
    University of Notre Dame
  • Laura Michaelson
    Laura Michaelson
    University of Colorado, Boulder
  • David Minor
    David Minor
    University of California - San Diego
  • Andrés Montealegre
    Andrés Montealegre
    Universidad de los Andes
  • Shinichi Nakagawa
    Shinichi Nakagawa
    University of New South Wales
  • Philip N. Cohen
    Philip N. Cohen
    University of Maryland
  • Gustav Nilsonne
    Gustav Nilsonne
    Stockholm University
  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble
    University of New South Wales
  • Kizito Omala
    Kizito Omala
    National Examinations Board, Uganda
  • Reid Otsuji
    Reid Otsuji
    University of California - San Diego
  • Elizabeth Page-Gould
    Elizabeth Page-Gould
    University of Toronto
  • Sean Rife
    Sean Rife
    Murray State Univerity
  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson
    Oregon Health and Science University
  • Judy Ruttenberg
    Judy Ruttenberg
    Association of Research Libraries
  • John Sakaluk
    John Sakaluk
    University of Victoria
  • Nasser Saleh
    Nasser Saleh
    Queens University
  • Sebastian Sauer
    Sebastian Sauer
    FOM University of Applied Sciences
  • Xenia Schmalz
    Xenia Schmalz
    Università degli Studi di Padov
  • Felix Schönbrodt
    Felix Schönbrodt
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Stacy Shaw
    Stacy Shaw
  • Yasmeen Shorish
    Yasmeen Shorish
    James Madison University
  • Scott Sievert
    Scott Sievert
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Jeremy Simon
    Jeremy Simon
    Brandeis University
  • J. Mario Siqueiros-García
    J. Mario Siqueiros-García
    National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Jim Sly
    Jim Sly
    Missouri State University
  • Vicky Steeves
    Vicky Steeves
    New York University
  • Taisia Sturza
    Taisia Sturza
    University of Houston
  • Karen Tonsfeldt
    Karen Tonsfeldt
    University of California, San Diego
  • Jayne Tusiime
    Jayne Tusiime
    University of California - Berkeley
  • Kaitlyn Werner
    Kaitlyn Werner
    Carleton University
  • Kara Woo
    Kara Woo
    University of Washington
  • Mahmood Zargar
    Mahmood Zargar
    McGill University
  • Stephanie Zawada
    Stephanie Zawada
    University of Arizona
  • Rolf Zwaan
    Rolf Zwaan
    Erasmus University Rotterdam