Our Community Network

The COS Community Network is comprised of a network of stakeholders or influencers who wish to apply their unique knowledge, resources and skills to support COS. We appreciate their support and insights. 

  • Balazs Aczel
    Balazs Aczel
  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams
  • Prue Adler
    Prue Adler
  • Ayan Ahmed
    Ayan Ahmed
  • Olalekan Joseph Akintande
    Olalekan Joseph Akintande
  • Moh Noor Al-Azam
    Moh Noor Al-Azam
  • Aurelien Allard
    Aurelien Allard
  • Anne Allison
    Anne Allison
  • Nicholas Alvar Coles
    Nicholas Alvar Coles
  • Michael Andreychik
    Michael Andreychik
  • Jack Arnal
    Jack Arnal
  • Ruben Arslan
    Ruben Arslan
  • Patricia Ayala
    Patricia Ayala
  • Cristina Baciu
    Cristina Baciu
  • Matthew Bagg
    Matthew Bagg
  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball
  • George Banks
    George Banks
  • Erica Baranski
    Erica Baranski
  • Tyson S. Barrett
    Tyson S. Barrett
  • Jennifer Beamer
    Jennifer Beamer
  • Isaac Bean
    Isaac Bean
  • Vincent Beermann
    Vincent Beermann
  • Devin Berg
    Devin Berg
  • Christina Bergmann
    Christina Bergmann
  • Margaret Berta
    Margaret Berta
  • Grace Binion
    Grace Binion
  • Reid Boehm
    Reid Boehm
  • Daina Bouquin
    Daina Bouquin
  • Daniel E. Bradford
    Daniel E. Bradford
  • Rachel Breslin
    Rachel Breslin
  • Amelie Bret
    Amelie Bret
  • Jantine Broek
    Jantine Broek
  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown
  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown
  • Brett Buttliere
    Brett Buttliere
  • Cunera Buys
    Cunera Buys
  • Cameron Callaghan
    Cameron Callaghan
  • Eleni Castro
    Eleni Castro
  • Jennifer Chan
    Jennifer Chan
  • Chris Chartier
    Chris Chartier
  • Samuel Chen
    Samuel Chen
  • Sharon Chen
    Sharon Chen
  • Sau-Chin Chen
    Sau-Chin Chen
  • Pierina Cheung
    Pierina Cheung
  • Beatriz Chongo
    Beatriz Chongo
  • Malek Chouchi
    Malek Chouchi
  • Preyan Choudhuri
    Preyan Choudhuri
  • Garret Christensen
    Garret Christensen
  • Lewis Chuang
    Lewis Chuang
  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark
  • Kelly Cobey
    Kelly Cobey
  • Fernando Colugnati
    Fernando Colugnati
  • Simon Columbus
    Simon Columbus
  • Karmen Condic-Jurik
    Karmen Condic-Jurik
  • Nicole Contaxis
    Nicole Contaxis
  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook
  • Bryan Cook
    Bryan Cook
  • Alexander Coots
    Alexander Coots
  • Jonathan Corbin
    Jonathan Corbin
  • Katie Corker
    Katie Corker
  • Zander Crook
    Zander Crook
  • Henrik Danielsson
    Henrik Danielsson
  • Andrew Demetriou
    Andrew Demetriou
  • Tim Dennis
    Tim Dennis
  • Christopher Devers
    Christopher Devers
  • Nodumo Dhlamini
    Nodumo Dhlamini
  • Natália B. Dutra
    Natália B. Dutra
  • Anita Eerland
    Anita Eerland
  • Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
    Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
  • Michael Espero
    Michael Espero
  • Andrey Fedorov
    Andrey Fedorov
  • Fiona Fidler
    Fiona Fidler
  • Susann Fiedler
    Susann Fiedler
  • Jamie Field
    Jamie Field
  • Wojciech Francuzik
    Wojciech Francuzik
  • Clifton Franklund
    Clifton Franklund
  • Hannah Fraser
    Hannah Fraser
  • Jessica Gallinger
    Jessica Gallinger
  • Hunter Gehlbach
    Hunter Gehlbach
  • Tanja Gerlach
    Tanja Gerlach
  • Mona Ghannad
    Mona Ghannad
  • Jenny Gilbert
    Jenny Gilbert
  • Bill Gillis
    Bill Gillis
  • Bill Glick
    Bill Glick
  • Julie Goldman
    Julie Goldman
  • Bryan Gorges
    Bryan Gorges
  • Jon Grahe
    Jon Grahe
  • Sean Grant
    Sean Grant
  • Ivo Grigorov
    Ivo Grigorov
  • Joshua Guilfoyle
    Joshua Guilfoyle
  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall
  • Tom Hardwicke
    Tom Hardwicke
  • Matthew Harp
    Matthew Harp
  • Kyle Harp-Rushing
    Kyle Harp-Rushing
  • Ricardo Hartley
    Ricardo Hartley
  • Helen Harton
    Helen Harton
  • Mohammed Galib Hasan
    Mohammed Galib Hasan
  • Yseult Hejja-Brichard
    Yseult Hejja-Brichard
  • Emma Henderson
    Emma Henderson
  • Arianne Herrera-Bennett
    Arianne Herrera-Bennett
  • Adrian Ho
    Adrian Ho
  • Alicia Hofelich Mohr
    Alicia Hofelich Mohr
  • Tom Hohenstein
    Tom Hohenstein
  • Kai Horstmann
    Kai Horstmann
  • Ti Hsu
    Ti Hsu
  • Chuan-Peng Hu
    Chuan-Peng Hu
  • Hans IJzerman
    Hans IJzerman
  • Dasapta Erwin Irawan
    Dasapta Erwin Irawan
  • James Ivory
    James Ivory
  • Nicole Janz
    Nicole Janz
  • Ricky Jeffrey
    Ricky Jeffrey
  • Rajiv Jhangiani
    Rajiv Jhangiani
  • William Jiménez-Leal
    William Jiménez-Leal
  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson
  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson
  • Renaine Julian
    Renaine Julian
  • Clint D. Kelly
    Clint D. Kelly
  • Muhammad Imran Khan
    Muhammad Imran Khan
  • Mallory Kidwell
    Mallory Kidwell
  • Kelvin Kihindas
    Kelvin Kihindas
  • Robyn Kilshaw
    Robyn Kilshaw
  • Chan Tzu Kit
    Chan Tzu Kit
  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein
  • David Klinowski
    David Klinowski
  • Halil Emre Kocalar
    Halil Emre Kocalar
  • Xiangzhen Kong
    Xiangzhen Kong
  • Amy Koshoffer
    Amy Koshoffer
  • Elliott Kruse
    Elliott Kruse
  • Iryna Kuchma
    Iryna Kuchma
  • Louisa Kulke
    Louisa Kulke
  • Eric Kunto Aribowo
    Eric Kunto Aribowo
  • Judith Lacoste
    Judith Lacoste
  • Sophia Lafferty-Hess
    Sophia Lafferty-Hess
  • Sherry Lake
    Sherry Lake
  • Margaret Lam
    Margaret Lam
  • Mark Laufersweiler
    Mark Laufersweiler
  • Joel Le Forestier
    Joel Le Forestier
  • Richie Lenne
    Richie Lenne
  • Mathew Ling
    Mathew Ling
  • Chris Lortie
    Chris Lortie
  • John Lurquin
    John Lurquin
  • Caio Malaquias
    Caio Malaquias
  • Kat Markowska
    Kat Markowska
  • Brianna Marshall
    Brianna Marshall
  • Rachel Martinez
    Rachel Martinez
  • Maya Mathur
    Maya Mathur
  • Andrew Maurer
    Andrew Maurer
  • Melissa McAdam Ellison
    Melissa McAdam Ellison
  • Erin McKiernan
    Erin McKiernan
  • Jon McPhetres
    Jon McPhetres
  • Norm Medeiros
    Norm Medeiros
  • Erica Mehan Johns
    Erica Mehan Johns
  • Asif Mehedi
    Asif Mehedi
  • Pankaj Mehrotra
    Pankaj Mehrotra
  • Solomon Mekonnen
    Solomon Mekonnen
  • Tisha Mentnech
    Tisha Mentnech
  • Natalie Meyers
    Natalie Meyers
  • Laura Michaelson
    Laura Michaelson
  • David Minor
    David Minor
  • David Moher
    David Moher
    The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | Canada
  • Nolan Monaghan
    Nolan Monaghan
  • Andrés Montealegre
    Andrés Montealegre
  • James Montilla Doble
    James Montilla Doble
  • Hannah Moshontz de la Rocha
    Hannah Moshontz de la Rocha
  • Jenny Muilenburg
    Jenny Muilenburg
  • Corrado Nai
    Corrado Nai
  • Shinichi Nakagawa
    Shinichi Nakagawa
  • Ladislas Nalborczyk
    Ladislas Nalborczyk
  • Philip N. Cohen
    Philip N. Cohen
  • Jesse Niebaum
    Jesse Niebaum
  • Gustav Nilsonne
    Gustav Nilsonne
  • Abby Nissenbaum
    Abby Nissenbaum
  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble
  • Rose O'Dea
    Rose O'Dea
  • Andi Ogier
    Andi Ogier
  • Kizito Omala
    Kizito Omala
  • Reid Otsuji
    Reid Otsuji
  • Elizabeth Page-Gould
    Elizabeth Page-Gould
  • Astadi Pangarso
    Astadi Pangarso
  • Ginny Pannabecker
    Ginny Pannabecker
  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker
  • Sam Parsons
    Sam Parsons
  • Adam Partridge
    Adam Partridge
  • Shaharima Parvin
    Shaharima Parvin
  • Ricky Patterson
    Ricky Patterson
  • Cyril Pernet
    Cyril Pernet
  • Jonathan Petters
    Jonathan Petters
  • Jeremiah Pietersen
    Jeremiah Pietersen
  • Jason Pither
    Jason Pither
  • Simon Podhajsky
    Simon Podhajsky
  • Megan Potterbusch
    Megan Potterbusch
  • John Rauthmann
    John Rauthmann
  • Georgia Richards
    Georgia Richards
  • Sean Rife
    Sean Rife
  • Fernando Rios
    Fernando Rios
  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson
  • Dominique Roche
    Dominique Roche
  • Jan Röer
    Jan Röer
  • Etienne Roesch
    Etienne Roesch
  • Judy Ruttenberg
    Judy Ruttenberg
  • John Sakaluk
    John Sakaluk
  • Nasser Saleh
    Nasser Saleh
  • Alireza Salehi-Nejad
    Alireza Salehi-Nejad
  • Sebastian Sauer
    Sebastian Sauer
  • Anne Scheel
    Anne Scheel
  • Thomas Scherndl
    Thomas Scherndl
  • Xenia Schmalz
    Xenia Schmalz
  • Juliane Schneider
    Juliane Schneider
  • Felix Schönbrodt
    Felix Schönbrodt
  • Matt Schultz
    Matt Schultz
  • Jakob Seidlitz
    Jakob Seidlitz
  • Kerry Sewell
    Kerry Sewell
  • Kelsey Shaffer
    Kelsey Shaffer
  • Stacy Shaw
    Stacy Shaw
  • Grace Shearrer
    Grace Shearrer
  • Yasmeen Shorish
    Yasmeen Shorish
  • Scott Sievert
    Scott Sievert
  • Jeremy Simon
    Jeremy Simon
  • J. Mario Siqueiros-García
    J. Mario Siqueiros-García
  • Miroslav Sirota
    Miroslav Sirota
  • Jim Sly
    Jim Sly
  • Cooper Smout
    Cooper Smout
  • Hannah Sommers
    Hannah Sommers
  • Graham Steel
    Graham Steel
  • Vicky Steeves
    Vicky Steeves
  • Crystal Steltenpohl
    Crystal Steltenpohl
  • David Stoker
    David Stoker
  • Jessie Sun
    Jessie Sun
  • Tiziano Suran
    Tiziano Suran
  • Dan Tamul
    Dan Tamul
  • Dan Tamul
    Dan Tamul
  • Jon Tennant
    Jon Tennant
  • Karen Tonsfeldt
    Karen Tonsfeldt
  • Burak Tunca
    Burak Tunca
  • Jayne Tusiime
    Jayne Tusiime
  • Marcel Van Assen
    Marcel Van Assen
  • Olmo van den Akker
    Olmo van den Akker
  • Pieter Van Dessel
    Pieter Van Dessel
  • Steven Van Tuyl
    Steven Van Tuyl
  • Julie Vargo
    Julie Vargo
  • Julie Vecchio
    Julie Vecchio
  • Mathew Vis-Dunbar
    Mathew Vis-Dunbar
  • Jordan Wagge
    Jordan Wagge
  • Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
    Soazic Elise Wang Sonne
  • Kaitlyn Werner
    Kaitlyn Werner
  • Hope White
    Hope White
  • Brandon Whitehead
    Brandon Whitehead
  • Brady Wiggins
    Brady Wiggins
  • Stacy Winchester
    Stacy Winchester
  • Aaron Wolen
    Aaron Wolen
  • Kara Woo
    Kara Woo
  • Margarita Zachariou
    Margarita Zachariou
  • Mahmood Zargar
    Mahmood Zargar
  • Stephanie Zawada
    Stephanie Zawada
  • Shirley Zhao
    Shirley Zhao
  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman
  • Rolf Zwaan
    Rolf Zwaan

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