OSF Collections

A solution for funders, journals, societies, communities, organizations, and other groups in need of building and searching collections of related OSF projects.

How others are using OSF Collections


Funders can collect the outcomes from their funded research – papers, data, materials, and code – to promote the discoverability and reusability of their funded initiatives.

Journal Editors

Journal editors invite authors to upload the data, code and supplemental materials that underlay their articles in a public, persistent repository with easy submission and aggregation by issue or volume.


Societies, advocacy groups, disciplines, or other consortiums support researchers with initiatives for open data research and provide their researchers with an interface for uploading participating data and materials.

What you get with OSF Collections

Branded landing page

Raise the profile of your research through a branded landing page. Each OSF collection allow visitors to identify the contributors and research affiliated with your collection.

Aggregated results from across OSF

Collections can be amassed from a variety of registered outcomes and research formats across OSF platforms. Users can also add their existing projects to your collection.

Submission control

Collections administrators can facet submissions using a set of required fields specific to the type of research you wish to include, including metadata such as Program Area or Status of project.

Affiliated submissions

OSF projects submitted to a collection are given an affiliate indicator so visitors can trace contributors and projects to your collection to discover even more related research.

*See how OSF Collections supports the discoverability and contribution to bodies of research like the emerging field of metascience.

Get started with OSF Collections

Ready to build your collection of research? Fill out the interest form below to let us know the unique needs of your community and we’ll work to ensure the launch of a collection that is right for you.

What we provide for you


A Product Owner will work with you to understand your workflow and metadata needs.


Two custom metadata fields for your branded collection.


Implementation of your branding with your selected colors and provided logos.


Customer support and help documentation for those who submit to the Collection.

Choose the right package for your institution

Package Level III Level II Level I
Size of Institution R3 (moderate research) R2 (high research) R1 (very high research)
Size of Organization (full-time employees) < 5K employees 5K - 10K employees > 10K employees
Annual Budget (total revenue) < $50M $50M - 300M > $300M
Storage 75 GB 150 GB 250 GB
Annual Price $3,500 $7,000 $12,000

Based on the highest of these areas

Competitive and inclusive pricing

COS supports access to OSF Collections for all communities. We will consider a subsidy to offset specific costs for qualified groups upon evaluation. Ability to pay does not stand in the way of using OSF Collections.

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