Our consulting and training teams can help you take your research to the next level.

Increasing rigor often requires that researchers and labs implement new practices, learn new tools, or master unfamiliar statistical techniques. The good news is that COS offers a variety of training and consulting services to help you navigate this complexity.


The Center offers hands-on workshops to teach research teams practical steps to increase the reproducibility and transparency of their work. The typical workshop lasts 3 hours and covers topics including:

  • Project documentation
  • Employing version control
  • Creating pre-analysis plans
  • Using the Open Science Framework
  • Potential benefits to researchers for engaging in open practices

Workshops can be geared towards a general research audience, or towards a particular discipline, e.g. biomedical researchers. You can see a list of previous institutions where we have given workshops, as well as example promotional materials and workshop slidedecks on our OSF page.

Interested in having a workshop at your institution or organization? Contact us here.


We offer a series of regularly scheduled workshops on topics related to open, reproducible research. See our calendar below to check out the current topics and schedule.


Helpful hints that save time

Because the workshop is hands-on, we generally try to keep the number of people in workshops to 30-40 people to make sure that participants can get individual attention. If there is a higher demand, we are happy to give multiple workshops to accomodate more participants.

Workshops are generally best for any scholars who are engaged in quantitative research, though we can give workshops that are geared towards one particular discipline, e.g. psychology, if there is demand for that. Our general audience is a combination of graduate students and faculty, and we also often have members of the library staff and research staff in attendance.

Yes, it is fine to record a workshop and make it available later for reseachers who were unable to attend the workshops. However, we do not currently allow workshops to be live-streamed.

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